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Web Design

A website is not just a simply company profile nowadays. The widespread use of the Internet change everything, include a website. For an example, people use search engine machine on internet to looking for product or service.

Indokreasi giving you solution for website development. We are not just design and put it on internet, but we’ll also explain everything you need for your site’s. We also giving you various tools so you can maintain it by simply DIY (do it yourself).


We offer a great hosting provider, with good reputation uptime. For the domain, we offer competitive price with your own name registration. So it’s easy if you manage to control it by your self. Of course we accept your own choose if you have another option.

Our website solution include design and redesign Content Management System (CMS) template, such Joomla, Forum CMS, WordPress, and Drupal. We also able to create your site’s “from scratch” using PHP and database or HTML + XHTML. Don’t hesitate to check out our website portfolio here.